A tiny little box that securely connects all of your devices to our worldwide vpn network.

Secures All Devices

The Shellfire Box easily connects all of your devices, even those that don't offer the possibility to establish a safe vpn connection.

Overcomes Censorship

Access blocked content and surf safely, no matter where in the world you are located.

Virtual Location

Our worldwide network of servers in 31 countries allows you to virtually travel almost anywhere in the world within seconds.

Plug and Play

Just connect the box to your router. It configures itself and connects automatically. Absolutely zero expert knowledge required.

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Shellfire Box 1 Year

  • 1 Shellfire Box VPN Router
  • 1 Year Shellfire VPN Premium Plus
  • Choose from Servers in 31 Countries
  • Easy to use Web-Interface
  • Shipped within 2-3 days*

Shellfire Box 2 Years

  • 1 Shellfire Box VPN Router
  • 2 Years of Shellfire VPN Premium Plus
  • Choose from Servers in 31 Countries
  • Easy to use Web-Interface
  • Shipped within 2-3 days*

* For shipment within Germany. Expect longer delivery times if you'are outside of Germany, especially outside of the EU.

Shellfire VPN

Do you support the idea of a free and safe internet without barriers and censorship?

Encryption & Protection

Shellfire VPN encrypts all of your data and sends it through a secure server, thereby protecting you from hackers and other spies.

Overcomes Censorship

Shellfire VPN overcomes any censorship. You're able to view otherwise blocked sport events and episodes of your favorite tv series.


For our Fundamental Rights

We believe, that free and secure access to the internet is a fundamental right for every single person on this planet.

That's why we design our products to be easy and intuitive and make them freely available to anyone.

The Internet is flawed

Many websites encrypt their users' data insufficiently, thereby opening the door for hackers to easily steal their data.

The internet is censored in a lot of countries all over the world. Many websites are blocked and not available.

Internet users need to take action now if they do not want governments to spy on their data.

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How we help our customers

Shellfire operates a worldwide infrastructure with servers in 31 countries.

Our apps secure your computer and your smartphone with just a few clicks.

We already helped more than 150,000 users secure their data and overcome censorship.

Free Service

Our basic service is free - it provides vpn access to people in more than 160 countries.

Click here to get started using our free service now!

Shellfire Box

Why is an awesome app not enough?

Tiny Little Box

The Shellfire Box is a tiny little box, that securely connects ALL of your devices to our vpn network in a matter of seconds.

Small But Mighty

Being smaller than a matchbox in size, with a 580MHz CPU and 64MB DDR RAM the Shellfire Box comes packed with enough power to encrypt your data - military-grade.

Cable & Wireless

You want to connect via cable? No problem, the Shellfire Box supports your connection via ethernet cable and wifi.


Easy Infrastructure

Without the Shellfire Box, only devices running the Shellfire VPN app can be protected.

Many of our users would like to protect all of their devices at home. However, most "smart" devices like TVs or gaming consoles don't even offer the possibility to establish a safe vpn connection.


It's that easy

  • Plug in the power cord
  • Connect the Shellfire Box to your internet router
  • Connect your devices to the Shellfire Box using wifi or an ethernet cable.
  • To go back to your regular internet connection, simply switch back to your original wifi network
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The Shellfire Box crowdfunding is currently ongoing. Check out the campaign on Indiegogo or directly view our video here:

The Shellfire Team

Meet the Shellfire-Team that consists of the two CEOs Florian Gattung and Maximilian Behr


Florian Gattung


Max Behr


For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us: